The great gift that you should give it to the client

Think shopping for your co-workers is hard? If you’re tasked with finding the perfect holiday gifts for your business clients, you know it’s even more difficult to achieve that perfect mix of thoughtful, unique and affordable. Plus, there’s even more resting on what you buy while a bad gift could turn your clients off to your services, the perfect gift could win their continued loyalty. To keep your best clients coming back in the new year, try sending them one of these cool holiday gifts. Each item is under $20  so you don’t have to break the bank in the process, either.

Tons of people get sent flowers, but not everyone has a vase to put them in, especially at their desks. These collapsible plastic vases can actually be folded up and stored away until your clients need them, and they come in more than a dozen cool designs, patterns and colors. At ($8.95)

What’s better than a gift that’s both whimsical and useful? This Lego brick USB stick is a fun addition to any keychain and will help your clients back up their important files, too. It comes in various colors and memory capacities, from 2GB to 8GB. At ($9)

It may look like an ordinary pen, but it can do so much more than help your clients jot down notes. The 5-in-1 pen is also a stylus for smartphones and tablets, a red laser pointer, a UV light and a bright-white LED light. At ($9.99)